Facial Steamer Humidifier

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Product Description:

  • The skin will lack water, most skin problems are caused by lack of water, air pollution, seasonal changes, indiscriminate use of skin care products, improper care. Nano hydrating instrument, super hydrating to show your beauty Simple hydration, spraying twice a day is equivalent to 4 masks

  • 4 Major advantages, quick replenishment of water, 6ml atomization frequency. , High-efficiency atomization frequency, facial penetration, straight push muscle bottom. Spray after sun to cool and moisturize, spray after nap for refreshing and refreshing, spray after makeup to moisturize and set makeup.

  • Free your hands, stand on the desktop, suitable for office, bedroom, living room, unlimited time and place. Nano spray, moisturizing and setting makeup, the makeup is still exquisite, nano water molecules penetrate the skin and be quickly absorbed.

  • Nano particles are uniform and delicate, and the water molecules are delicate enough to make the skin full of water. Nano atomization technology will make the water molecules smaller and quickly penetrate into the skin to replenish moisture.

  • Small size, super large capacity, fill up with water at a time to meet the daily water supply needs Timed for 60 seconds, automatically switch, the amount of mist is just enough to moisturize the skin once. It can also avoid the phenomenon of putting the switch in the bag and letting the water shine. Ultrasonic vibration technology decomposes water molecules into mist, making it easier for the skin to absorb

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